Hello  my Gorgeous friend!!!!

It's such a pleasure to meet you !!!

My name is Anna Maleeva and I'm madly in love with fashion!

My love of fashion was born the same day I was born. Since the time of being a little girl my mom would make my clothes so I wouldn't look like everybody else in kindergarden and elementary school. Later when I was 12 and able to sew  I created my own "masterpieces". Oh, and the part I forgot to tell you!  It was 1990s ,in Russia, and believe me, the situation with the clothes was worse than the situation in country itself, it was  brutal!;/

Despite all of it, I kept my dreams and positive attitude throughout my life. At 6 years old I was dreaming about living in the United States in a big house with arched gates, driving a cherry color SUV, and having a big dog on the passenger seat...and 20 years later my dream came true!!!! Yay!!! My house is smaller than in my dream , I drive a cute Fiat, and have a little black munchkin cat named Kotik, (which means "cat" in Russian). You can meet him at his own page.

The life in US didn't start as easy as I would want it to be, money didn't fall from the tree))) I started my American journey in the capital of fashion - New York City, but we didn't like each other and I made my way towards Pittsburgh. You'd say:  Pittsburgh??? And I'd say : YES!!!! Well, I had to work my off to be at the place in life I am right now, a lot of hard working and finding myself finally paid off.

One more important thing you need to know about me-I'm a fashion stylist as well. I can help you to feel and look Gorgeous ;)  Let's make this city the next fashion Mecca  together!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Anna Maleeva

P.S. I see we have a lot to talk about! I'll see you at my BLOG page, or contact me, let's meet for a cup of coffee!!!!