My Story


Hello,  my Gorgeous friend! It's such a pleasure to meet you! 

I can't wait to share my story with you. Hopefully by the end of it you'll know enough about me to want to be friends!

...Once upon a time ... this little Russian girl dreamed about life in the FarFarAway United States in a big house with arched gates, driving a cherry color SUV with a Great Dane on the passenger seat...

...and her dream came true!  20 years later! Yay !!! 

My house is a bit smaller than in my dream, I drive a cute Fiat, and have a little black munchkin cat named Kotik. You can meet him on his own page.

I started my American journey in the capital of fashion - New York City, but we didn't love each other from the first sight, and  now I live in the most provincial of big towns - my beloved all-American Steel City - Pittsburgh.

I hold a day job and this blog  is an outlet for my creative inspiration. It all started with my absolutely crazy love for shoes, so if you share this mad love for shoes, this is the place for you to be! 

There is a famous saying by Marilyn Monroe:

'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world' 

- I can't agree more!  

 All my outfits are pretty much always inspired by shoes. Yep! I start dressing with shoes, everything else comes next! Funny - say you? Well, yeah, funny and so much fun!

The result depends on the occasion, mood, feelings, circumstances, etc.  If you ask what is my style, I'll have you know that trying new things, taking risks and being different is what makes me! I'm a very happy and positive person at heart. I also have a bit of a color and a print obsession along with the shoe one ;), as you might notice from my colorful outfits.

The inspiration for my blog's name was a story of one of my friends, which I learned early in life. Her drop-dead gorgeous mom started every day by greeting her own reflection in the mirror with the words "Hello Gorgeous!" This inspired me, so I adopted the ritual. Helps me conquer the world every day.  

I invite you along on the journey to conquer the world and promise to always remind you that you are gorgeous no matter what you wear. Plus, I guarantee to point out daily))) that gorgeous shoes, happy or classic color combinations, easy outfits and plain old put-togetherness are the tricks up every girl's sleeve to help influence the way the world treats us everyday!

So subscribe to my blog for style inspiration and let's get started on the path to the extreme levels of fun and happiness by the means of self-expression through what we wear, while shaping the world around you and me up to our gorgeous standards.



Sincerely yours,


P.S: Frankly , I worked my off to be at the place in life I am right now, and a lot of soul searching led me to start connecting with you, my Gorgeous friends, via this blog. No matter what life brings, I try to never give up on dreaming and hold on to a positive attitude.

Singing - another hobby of mine - helps me stay positive! I sing everywhere: in the shower,  in the car, and loooove <3 <3 <3 doing karaoke. You too? Great! Sing as often as you can! Let's be friends. Subscribe below, and I'll be sure to share my inspiration  with you;)

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Fun facts about me

My Current Shoe Obsession

My Current Shoe Obsession

Celebrity crush : Zayn Malik

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Absolute Favorite Holiday: 

New Years and My Birthday!