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My Take on Beyonce, the Queen of Sheer

My Take on Beyonce, the Queen of Sheer

“I woke up like this,” Gorgeous.

Something about this dress makes me feel like Beyonce, the queen of sheer. "Some call it arrogant. I call it confident."

What makes us want to wear celebrity style look alikes? - It’s not their particular physique, it’s their confidence of a star.

Feeling confident in a dress is a good reason to wear it. It’s really the only reason you need to wear something any day, gorgeous. Confidence suits you. It is the one fashion trend that will never go out of style.

"The most alluring thing woman can have is confidence." - says Beyonce.

I just want to lace this blog with as many quotes from Beyonce and her songs as I can find ))). Turns out there’s a lot ;)

All the words I put in quotation marks in this post are Beyonce’s quotes ;)

This sheer ruffled dress with hot pants has a magic power, it’ll boost your confidence like an armor, despite being see-through. I was a little hesitant to wear it to where I was going, but to my surprise I fell in love with the look and the way I was feeling like "Goddamit, I’m comfortable in my skin!" .)

I only recommend wearing this dress if you need a boost of confidence))). Of course, the dress like this will draw a lot of attention to you! You might even feel like a celebrity for an evening, and everyone will ask themselves why didn’t they think of it first. You’ll be the star))) Rock this sheer dress trend again and again, channel your inner Beyonce’s superpower! As long as you’re comfortable, that’s all the permission you need.

I am wearing thigh-high boots with it (links at the bottom of the post as usual), but there are ways to pull it off with shoes as well. Just Google an image search for "Beyonce sheer dress" and you'll get quite a few inspirational examples. :)

I am happy that Beyonce feels confident to set BOLD fashion trends like this one. It’s nice to show some skin sometimes.

Slay all day, Gorgeous!

Check out the links below. And I would be very happy if you leave me a comment, because I'm dying to know what you think about this.

I woke up looking this good. And I wouldn't chnage it if I could.)


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