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Travel in style:Ruffle crop top street style

Travel in style:Ruffle crop top street style

Hello my gorgeous friend!

Let's talk about travel today. Do you like road trips? I loooooooooove road trips!

I prefer driving for many-many hours over flying, because it has so many advantages :

1.  You can stop any time you want and anywhere you want;

2. You are totally in control of the situation;

3. It's very relaxing for me;

4. The most important ! You can bring as much clothes and shoes as you want, nobody is going to wait your luggage.

5. It's the best way to travel for people who are afraid of flying. And I have to confess ... I'm one of those ((( 

See, how many advantages !

That was my road trip to Boston-Portsmouth and Portland.  It was my first time in Boston and this  beautiful city stole my heart .  If you have never been there, you need to plan to visit this place, I promise you will fall in love with it. And don't forget to take your most comfortable shoes, you will need to walk a lot , it's the  best way to explore the city. My "best friends" - Adidas sneakers saved my trip!

Do you like road trips? Tell me what was your favorite road trip by  leaving   a comment below.

Keep on travelling, Gorgeous!



Ruffle crop top from Zara (not available)

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