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Stripes and Sparkles on a Warm Winter Day

Stripes and Sparkles on a Warm Winter Day

I am feeling casual. All of that dressing up for the holidays has got me “looking for cover.” How about you, Gorgeous?

I want to wrap up in a blanket in front of a fireplace. Carefree, comfy, sleepy, cozy... Wearing my favorite things. Which are stripes and, you guessed it, sparkles.

With the amount of striped clothing I own, you’d think I was a sailor: shirts, tees, jackets, dresses, you name it. As for sparkles, I have enough to dress a small army in glitter from head to toe if I wanted to. 😉

The best part of both stripes and glitter is that you can easily dress them up or down. For a casual stroll around the neighborhood, for instance, I dressed super cozy, but added a touch of sparkle to look a bit more “put-together.”

That is the trick. Add a bit of sparkle to upgrade a comfy, relaxed outfit from raking backyard leaves to hanging out publicly on a sunny afternoon. Or add a bunch of casual items to dress down too much sparkle.

sparkle boots outfit ideas

Plus, I want to be cozy but stylin’ when Zayn Malik pulls up to ask for directions in my neighborhood on a gorgeous white horse. 😍 Yes, I am talking about my not-so-secret celebrity crush (check out other fun facts about me in my story).

I love oversized clothes; they make me feel protected, like a shielded cocoon. To make that happen, I like to borrow stuff from my beau. I know you do too, Gorgeous! Or you want to!

He doesn’t like it, but he has no choice. 😉  Since “boyfriend jeans” officially became a thing, the sky’s the limit. Everything is up for grabs!

So I "borrowed" this size M men's striped top (mental note: get more stripes!) and paired it with another one of my favorites: distressed jeans. I could live in these. To get your jeans looking like this, just take a pair of straight-legged jeans that are a touch too long, fold the hem up, and fix it to the desired length.

The weather was surprisingly warm, so I threw on a sleeveless coat. The combination of grey and blue wasn't exciting enough, I had to add a pop of bright color (my red cross-body bag) and the sparkly boots to make myself completely HAPPY.

I may be longing for cozy, but adding a few accessories in a complementary color and texture only takes minutes to pull off, and generates an instant return on investment. 😊

Plus Zayn might finally show up after all these years of waiting...

As always, you can find all the links to shop my look at the bottom of the page. Some aren’t the exact items that I’m wearing in the pictures because they are no longer available. In those cases, I'll pick out a current selection for you and suggest available similar items.

Oh, and I found sparkly lace-up booties! They are gorge! And the price is... Well, scroll down and check it out.

Sparkles make you HAPPY, Gorgeous! And comments make sure you get heard!



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