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My Carrie Bradshaw moment

My Carrie Bradshaw moment

From Beyonce to Carrie Bradshaw in one swift move, Gorgeous.

An iconic performer  yesterday, an aspiring writer and fashionista today. My mood can change just like that. And that’s a good thing!

I embrace my desires fully, all my “perfect imperfections.”

We are perfect. And our desire to look a certain way is simply a way to project our aspirations of self to the world. So don’t you be expressing nothing now, Gorgeous! Communicate what moves you. Show your true colors, you’ll be glad you did.

If you look deep inside, you may be surprised to recognize a few different people in the things you do)) Generations of family members. Dad, Grandparents, Mom, a cousin.. A dear childhood friend. Your own childhood self too)). That crazy aunt you’re thinking about too, gorgeous)) A little bit of her.

You may also discover the outside influences in your life. Spend some time to analyze them and you might recognize your Carrie Bradshaw moment..

I get a bit sentimental as I reflect on the year 2016, can you tell?.... Don't want this year to end((.. a lot has happened.. good and bad. But mostly good! Year 2017 is going to have to work really hard to impress me ;)

So, do you recognize my “Sex and the City” reenactment? With a twist) I am not wearing pajamas. Instead I offer you a black frock over green pants interpretation)).

Remember that moment when Carrie was rushing to Miranda on the New Year’s Eve in her pajamas, fur coat and a sequined hat? I’ve got it all here right here. I adore that scene!

Just Google this for video results: “Sex and the City Auld Lang Syne.” Surely you’ll find the moment I’m talking about.

Now that you’ve watched it again, I’ll have you know that I have watched every episode of “Sex and the City” show and the movies a hundred millions times. You did too? C’mon, fess up. At least twice, right? Three times?

Did you ever role play the characters with you girlfriends? I’m talking about those dreamy conversations when you and your girls pick “Sex and the City” characters that you mostly identify with. I always identified with Carrie. How about you, Gorgeous? Are you Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte?

Can’t choose? It’s fun, but you don't really have to, just be yourself.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3<3<3


Black Slip Dress

J Crew Flared Trousers ( similar) 

Platform Black Sandals

Sequin Forever 21 Hat ( similar )

Fur Coat - a Thrift Store Find

String of Pink Pearls

Shimmer Socks

Shimmer Box Clutch ( similar )

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