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Overalls - a Must This Holiday Season

Overalls - a Must This Holiday Season

Good day, deer )))

North Pole may be 3,433 miles away from Pittsburgh, but Santa was available for pictures!

Boy, am I glad that Santa was visiting this weekend!!! I couldn’t make the trip to the North Pole and be back for work in time!

Magic is in the air and ‘tis the season to get a little childish. When else do we spend so much time with the family, celebrate our blessings, smile to perfect strangers, give gifts to everyone and sparkle and shimmer as we count down to the time off school or work?

Holiday is magic and nothing in my closet is more appropriate for the season than these adorable coral lace up booties. They can really take any outfit up a notch. Especially my cuff-length overalls! 

Intrigued? Scroll down to learn about the overalls..

Overalls are still hot)) this season, and they are so much fun and easy to wear! And  yes, a grown up woman can look HOT in overalls! Just add beautiful booties like mine, and add a holiday-appropriate accessory like the antlers appliqué I made to see Santa. I was going for Rudolf, but it looks more like antlers )))

You guessed it, I will be styling these booties three ways this week. Subscribe to my newsletter right on this page and there’ll be plenty of laceup-bootie-inspired-style in your inbox shortly!

Check out the links to all the pieces at the bottom of the page as always!

See you again this week! I’ll be wearing my booties, dancing through holidays in a waltz or cha-cha, depends on the mood ;)

Have you been naughty or nice, Gorgeous?)))  I've been very nice, right Santa?


Psst... do you want a secret?  I wished for a pom puppy!!! (fingers crossed)



Velvet Lace up booties

Sequined top

Off-white Faux Fur Vest

My overall is from NastyGal and no longer available,

but here are some other options I love

Patchwork Denim Overall

Distressed Denim  Overall (in medium denim)

Be Daring. Be Bold. Get Styling!

Be Daring. Be Bold. Get Styling!

Killer Over-the-Knee Boots For a Perfect Night Out

Killer Over-the-Knee Boots For a Perfect Night Out