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1920s Gatsby Dress & Makeup How To

1920s Gatsby Dress & Makeup How To

It's pretty ain't it, Old Sport?

I mean the roaring 20s with their over-the-top parties, bold makeup, and glitz - the era of decadence and excess. Irresistible really.

Since the movie The Great Gatsby came out in 2013, I’ve been to a few Gatsby-themed parties. Loved each and every one of them! And something tells me there'll be more ;).

The fashion of that era is precise, with unique traits unlike anything that goes on in our lives today. So if you want to fit right in at a Great Gatsby style party, you’ll need to try your best to pull off the following style (see the video below):

  • Feathered Headpiece on Finger Waves or a Faux Bob

  • Smoky eyes & Bright Lips

  • A “Flapper” Dress with Pearls and Satin Opera Gloves

  • Guys will need a Tux-Like Suit with a Bow Tie

What makes us want to dress like Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, wear similar headbands and bow ties, replica dresses and suits, copy the makeup? It is not the dress or the makeup, you see, ol' sport)) Those are just the accessories to a feeling we are after. But they are the very important accessories to help set the scene of the beginning of a new era in the Americans' self-expression, indulgence and power.

This New Year’s Eve the Gorgeous Team and our close friends traveled back in time to the era of the “new” fashion of 1920s. We rang in the New Year 2017 at a glamorous party at Jay Gatsby's house ;)  

This was not our first 1920s-themed party, the novelty of it was a little worn off. So we conducted deeper research and went to great lengths of “embracing the urban culture of freedom” to connect with that time on a deeper level.

The makeup and the appearance were taken seriously. Very seriously ;) The itinerary was carefully planned too. We considered, but didn’t quite make it to Pittsburgh’s very own (original) Speakeasy at the Omni, but danced provocatively to Charleston and followed the sexy rhythms of jazz  in a few locations around town, including the magnificent space with some finger-licking hors d'oeuvres and picturesque views of the city at the Coterie Party in the Frick Building's Penthouse.

The roaring 20s was the time when American women first moved on from the more restricting  fashions of the past and began to wear more comfortable clothes such as short skirts and trousers. Here is my take on "the flapper look", as you can see.

I do hope you had a great year, old sport! The year 2016 has been good to me. It was incredible to be exact! I'm so grateful for the 2016! For my family, friends and all of you, GorgeSquad. Thank you for your love and support, I'm the happiest I’ve been. It was only fitting to end it on a high note. (And to reflect on the New Year resolutions).

Now remember that it’s not the dress that makes the mood, but our determination. Don’t forget to check out the link at the bottom of the post and comment. Let's create more unforgettable memories in 2017!

Many thanks to my Gorgeous Team for helping me make this blog a success and for adding their style to my style :)

Cheers to the New Year 2017, Gorgeous!

Fun fact: did you know that Coco Chanel created her famous Chanel No. 5 in 1921 and launched it in year 1922? 95 years of iconic scent and going strong! Now that's impressive! 


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