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S-N-A-T-C-H-E-D !

ZARA sale went by so fast and all the items ,what I'm wearing on the pics, got sold out even faster )))

But don't worry,I gotcha , ladies ;)

 Here are the blouses, jeans and chunky heels which I love even more than mine!

Blouses: this  one is so cute and comes in floral and striped prints; striped flounced top ; white and navy short off the shoulder top .

Jeans: how about we buy this pair, fold the hem of the jeans about 5-6" or however you feel like works for you and secure the desired length on the sides , couple stitches on each side will be enough. 

Chunky heels: for those who like lower heels and for those who like higher ones ,  and these ones are somewhere in between ;)

And my favorite "SNATCHED" purse was purchased at Marshall's, but here I found exactly the same one!

Enjoy your shopping and see ya next week !

Evening stroll along the beach...