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Evening stroll along the beach...

This Memorial Day weekend I decided to spend at my friend's beach house in Norfolk, VA. I went there for 3 days hoping to soak the sun and swim in the ocean as much as I can , and you know how many days I enjoyed the beach? One! It was just ONE SUNNY DAY , out of three ((( The rest of my trip it was pouring outside. Thanks God there were fun neighbours who threw the party at their garage-bar,  we did a lot of  karaoke , it's another hobby of mine , and I didn't notice how 2 rainy days passed by)))))

OK, back to my evening stroll on the beach, I picked this very simple ensemble for it:

this olive green bodysuit , yes , it's a bodysuit!  It feels so soft and comfy,  I got it from Forever 21. 

the light denim shorts I got from Forever 21 as well.

and crochet kimono I got actually looooong time ago, but  here I found similar one , and here are couple more options: I love this one with palm leaf print and this colorful one , it kind of reminds me Missoni print.


S-N-A-T-C-H-E-D !

Flower power!!!