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It was a perfect wedding day!

It was a perfect wedding day!

but not mine ;)  The whole day was just an amazing experience. Earlier in the morning I had my photo shoot scheduled, btw it was my first photo shoot for this blog,exciting, huh? Later afternoon I attended my first ever gay wedding of my dearest friends - Mike and Ernie, (congratulations you guys!!!!), and of course, it was just fabulous!   After the  dinner we all headed to the after  party , I have never had so much fun at one day!!!! It was a very looooooong day for me, but I looked Gorgeous in my cute outfit the whole time;) Check it out!

Magnolia tree flowers print purple skirt, size S from Lulu's, but you can get the same one here. 

The crop top is no longer available , but check this one out (click here)!! 

Hot pink sandals are from Lulu"s as well (click here) ,

This little yellow Zara Mini City Bag is no  longer  available, but this one looks even better!!!(click here)

P.S.: This is my first blog post,and  I'm thrilled to share it with you! 

Falling for fall!